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Soft Silica Gel Band Ordinary Smart BraceletSoft silicone watchband with adult sports smart bracelet, environmentally friendly green materials, healthy and non-toxic, easy to deal with sweating sports problems. Soft material, no hand cut. The bracelet is small and light and wears no pressure. For sports, basketball, running, fast walking, badminton and more sports.

Soft Silica Gel Band Ordinary Smart Bracelet

Product parameters:

Display :OLED display screen

Battery capacity: 80Mah   polymer lithium battery


Charging voltage:5V


Charging current:100MA-2A

Working temperature:-10~45℃

Requirement for equipment: ISO 8.0 or above, Android 4.5 or above

Color :blue, red, black, green



1. Heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, heart rate abnormal

2. Steps/pedometer

3. Sleep monitoring

4. SMS alarm

5. Waterproof IP67

6. Calorie consumption calculation

7. Distance

8. Take photo

9. A sedentary reminder

10. Clock

11. Anti-lost

12. call reminder

13. time

14. find phone

15. hang up

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