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Multiple Motion Patterns Color Smart BraceletMulti-sport mode color screen intelligent bracelet: walking, running, cycling, mountain climbing, badminton, football, basketball, treadmill, and other sports mode. Scientific records of a variety of motion data, provide data monitoring, movement can be seen through the ring real-time data, movement can be viewed through the ring real-time motion report. A more professional outdoor sports bracelet.

Multiple Motion Patterns Color Smart Bracelet

Product parameters:

1. Bluetooth push:  IOS/ Android

2. GPS: built-in GPS record, independent GPS record

3. Temperature: real time temperature, temperature and environment measurement

4. Height: real time height measurement

5. Air pressure: real time air pressure measurement

6. Heart rate monitor

7. Pedometer

8. Sleep monitor

9. Call reminder

10. Bluetooth 4.2

11. Water proof : IP67

12. Multi sports mode: support walking, running, rock climbing, swimming and riding.

13. Battery: 250 Mah (3 weeks standby time)

14. Charging mode: magnetic charging clamp.

15. Environmental protection products: Yes

16. Color: green, red, gray

17. Screen: 0.95”  96*64   OLED color screen

18. NW:180g

19. Vibrate: yes

Application Support Languages: Russian, German, Italian, Czech, Japanese, French, Polish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Chinese, English, Portuguese

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