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Long Endurance Color Screen Smart BraceletAdult Sports Color Screen Intelligent Ring, Connect Bluetooth, Pacemeter, Pacemeter, Calorie Consumption Calculation, Sports Mileage. Mountain climbing, running, playing basketball, swimming, and more exercise mode. Smart Bracelet production plant, the greater the price, the lower the price.

Long Endurance Color Screen Smart Bracelet

Product parameters:

1. NW:22.3g

2. Bluetooth 4.0

3. Waterproof:IP67

4. Screen: 0.96”   IPS color screen

5. Resolving power:160*80

6. Standby time :4 —7days

7. Operation mode: single touch mode.

8. Charging mode: charging clip

9. Charging time: 1.5 H

10. Polymer lithium battery

11. Compatible system : Android 4.4 and above, ISO 8.0and above (support Bluetooth)



1. Heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen saturation monitoring

2. Pedometer

3. Calorie

4. Sleep monitor

5. Alarm clock

6. Call reminder

7. SMS  push :Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype ,Instagram

8. Theme switching

9. Remote camera

10. Mileage

11. A sedentary reminder

12. Look for a bracelet

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