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GPS Location Circular Dial Smart BraceletGPS positioning color screen intelligent circular screen smart bracelet, outdoor exercise heart rate monitoring wrist watch. Height measurement, altitude survey, air pressure measurement, temperature measurement. Extend the battery life for three weeks. Intelligent reminder to display information content. GPS positioning, GPS trajectory.

GPS location Circular Dial Smart Bracelet

Product parameters:

1. Bluetooth push:  IOS/ Android

2. GPS: built-in GPS record, independent GPS record

3. Temperature: real time temperature, temperature and environment measurement

4. Height: real time height measurement

5. Air pressure: real time air pressure measurement

6. Heart rate monitor

7. Pedometer

8. Sleep monitor

9. Call reminder

10. Bluetooth 4.2

11. Water proof : IP67

12. Multi sports mode: support walking, running, rock climbing, swimming and riding.

13. Battery: 250 Mah (3 weeks standby time)

14. Charging mode: magnetic charging clamp.

15. Environmental protection products: Yes

16. Color: green, red, gray

17. Screen: 0.95”  96*64   OLED color screen

18. NW:180g

19. Vibrate: yes

20. Application Support Languages: Russian, German, Italian, Czech, Japanese, French, Polish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Chinese, English, Portuguese.

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