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You Will Have To Pay Attention To The Smart Wristband When You Buy It
Jul 20, 2017

You will have to pay attention to the Smart Wristband when you buy it

At present, the child's guardianship is a hot issue that parents, schools and even the whole society are concerned about, and the market demand of children's safety products is very high. The past 2014 years, Smart Wristband is a topic of concern, a lot of very useful functions moved many parents to buy, such as: real-time location, sound and real-time monitoring children children intercom, danger SOS alarm, etc. In order not to let your parents buy a watch, or be tricked by some advertising campaign, here's a summary of the issues you need to pay attention to when buying a Smart Wristband.

The size of radiation can affect a child's health

Radiation is not harmful to children, and many parents know it well. What you need to know is that the national standard for smart product radiation is 2.0 W/kg, which is below the standard. Before you buy your watch, make sure you know what the radiation value of the watch is.

At present, the radiation values of several Smart Wristbands are up to standard: 360 children's watch 3S is 0.526 W/kg, sugar cat T2 is 0.662 W/kg, and Y02 is 1.239 W/kg. The rest of the brand's parents must ask before the purchase, if they fail to reach the standard, the harm to the child is not good.

The safety of the watch is directly related to the child's security

Parents don't don't cry because it is the price when buying a watch choose small brands, because small brand Smart Wristband manufacturer in order to save costs, watch system will buy directly from the third party, one thousand third-party security protection system was breached, that also means that your child's information is confidential. If you get used to it, it's likely to lead to your child's safety.

3, the ability of the watch is not strong

If a smart watch is dead, it's worse than a regular watch. Once the watch is turned off, all functions will be reduced to empty talk. So, when choosing a watch, be sure to ask about the battery life of the watch and how much power it consumes.

Choose a watch that a child will wear

Many parents focus on performance only when choosing a watch, Smart Wristband while ignoring whether or not they like it. That's the key. If you buy a watch that your child doesn't want to wear, what's the difference?

Choose a watch must choose the child approval, Smart Wristband the style that likes. The 3S of the children's watch is very beautiful, and recently participated in the first children's fashion show of China, which was hosted by the dear baby, and received a high evaluation.

Whether the after-sales service is in place

When choosing a watch, Smart Wristband we can't just look at it, all products cannot be 100% guaranteed that they won't have a problem, and this involves after-sales service.

After-sales service is not only a matter of system update maintenance, Smart Wristband but more importantly, it can be reached at any time. Like some small brand after sale, either call the past to ask three don't know, or push to push, have more very simply not after sale. Here's a reminder of the importance of big brands.