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You Need To Know The Attention Of Adult Smartwatch
Aug 22, 2017

You need to know the attention of Adult Smartwatch

More and more things in life began to need Adult Smartwatch operation, home appliances, car navigation and so on. In everyday life, Adult Smartwatch are the most common for Adult Smartwatch, so what are the precautions when operating them? Today to tell you about the need to pay attention to matters when trying Adult Smartwatch.

1. If the user is using the Adult Smartwatch for the first time, it is recommended that the user first install the driver in accordance with the instructions of the instructions, and then follow the on-screen prompts to calibrate the screen.

2. To ensure the correct installation of the system software, I remember in a host do not install two or more Adult Smartwatch driver, this will easily lead to conflict when the system is running, so that Adult Smartwatch system No way to normal use.

3. Try not to let the Adult Smartwatch surface with water droplets or other soft things stick to the surface, otherwise the Adult Smartwatch is easy to mistakenly think that there is a hand on the touch surface. Also in the clear Adult Smartwatch on the surface of the dirt, should try to use a soft dry cloth or detergent carefully wipe out from the center of the screen, or use dipped in industrial alcohol dry cloth to clean Adult Smartwatch.

4. If the hand or other touch to touch the surface acoustic wave Adult Smartwatch, the Adult Smartwatch reaction is very slow, which shows that it is likely that the Adult Smartwatch system is outdated, the internal clock frequency is too low, or because of Adult Smartwatch The surface of the water droplets in the move, in order to make Adult Smartwatch to restore fast response, you must re-replace or upgrade the system, or wipe the surface of Adult Smartwatch water droplets.

Read the above concerns about Adult Smartwatch, we are not on the side of the Adult Smartwatch have a more in-depth understanding of the? For more information on Adult Smartwatch, please go to the industry news to watch.

A lot of people's mobile phone screen with a period of time after the discovery is not very sensitive. That manufacturers of poor quality, but have learned some of the basic knowledge of Adult Smartwatch and how it is maintained it?

First to understand the principle of Adult Smartwatch is: Adult Smartwatch structure is mainly in the glass screen with a layer of transparent film layer, and then in the conductor layer plus a protective glass, double glass design can completely protect the conductor layer and induction Device. Capacitive touch screen can be simply seen as a four-layer composite screen composed of the screen: the outer layer is a glass protective layer, followed by a conductive layer, the third layer is not conductive glass screen, which is the fourth layer of conductive Floor. Inside the conductive layer is shield, play a role in shielding the internal electrical signal, the middle of the conductive layer is a key part of the entire touch screen, four corners or four sides have a direct lead, responsible for the touch point position detection.

Adult Smartwatch in the Adult Smartwatch are coated with long and narrow sides of the electrode, in the conductor to form a low voltage AC electric field. In the Adult Smartwatch screen, due to the human body, the fingers and the conductor layer will form a coupling capacitor, the four sides of the electrode current will flow to the contact, and the current strength and the finger to the electrode is proportional to the distance, behind the Adult Smartwatch Of the controller will calculate the proportion of current and strength, accurately calculate the location of the touch point. Adult Smartwatch double glass not only protects the conductor and the sensor, more effectively prevent the external environment factors affect the Adult Smartwatch, even if the screen stained with dirt, dust or grease, Adult Smartwatch can still accurately calculate the touch position.