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What Is The Market Outlook For Circular Smartwatch?
Aug 22, 2017

What is the market outlook for Circular Smartwatch?

With the development of science and technology, and people's living standards. With a Circular Smartwatch appliances, electronic products slowly into the people's home, thus replacing the honest button machine. This way of human-computer interaction, quickly changed the people's way of life. In the twinkling of an eye, products with Circular Smartwatches are endless. From the smart phone extension to the Tablet PC, and then to the business areas of many touch products, it can be said that the acceptance of the touch and demand are ushered in a new peak. So many needs, naturally created a touch market boom, many manufacturers are beginning to enter this area. Now the touch market began to oversupply, the price war frequently appear, I believe the touch market will soon usher in another big reshuffle.

Why the rise of Circular Smartwatch market speed so fast, bottleneck period is also so fast? This is the industry's technical threshold is not high, the touch panel industry into the threshold is relatively low, and thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panel, mining yellow process, Circular Smartwatch the equipment is expensive compared to touch panel production equipment Very cheap, resulting in manufacturers everywhere, competitors.

Manufacturers and more, Circular Smartwatch the consequences of the threshold is not high price war is more and more fierce, second-tier manufacturers in order to obtain orders can only rely on price to win, first-line manufacturers, although more quality assurance, but forced by the pressure of competition, Compromise, which forcing the second-tier manufacturers once again lower prices, thus forming a vicious circle. This is reminiscent of the field of LCD stitching, because the LCD splicing access threshold is low, it is also a low profit margins in the market, and the touch market is similar, but the LCD splicing has entered the depths of the Red Sea, and touch The market is just to the shore, but the decline in profits will be a trend.

The increased competitiveness of the Circular Smartwatch will inevitably lower the cost of the touch function, which will help to carry the touch function of the equipment to reduce costs, consumers can use a lower price, buy a good touch with the equipment, including Mobile phones, flat and other products, but because the phone is mainly to see the reasons for the configuration, so the advantage of touch costs is not obvious, but for touch monitors, it is very obvious, do not have too much money in the case, People are naturally more willing to buy a touch can be a monitor.

In fact, the main market of touch equipment is currently concentrated in the market below 10 inches, the competition is also very intense, similar to the touch screen display of this larger screen touch equipment, the intervention of the manufacturers is still relatively small, so the profit margin is higher Some, so touch the display market, it is worth the attention of the majority of touch manufacturers. While the overall cost of touch lower, but also for intelligent display has brought new opportunities, after all, touch is an important indicator of intelligent display, 2017 intelligent display will usher in a new spring? We will wait and see.

There is no doubt that the Circular Smartwatch touch is people at this stage of the habit of human-computer interaction. It is natural, efficient and accurate. Although speech recognition technology and somatosensory interaction are becoming more and more mature over time, it is difficult to see in a short time what kind of interaction can be as pragmatic and stable as touch.

Any technology and products have their shape, if the excess performance, the parameters of the upgrade will not have much meaning.

Whether in the application of the scene or performance, touch technology has been in the field of rapid development. Especially those who seem to take for granted the progress of its behind a large number of technical accumulation.

The circular part of the Circular Smartwatch is a multi-layer composite film attached to the surface of the display. The glass or plexiglass is used as the base layer. The surface is coated with a transparent conductive layer, which is covered with an outer surface hardening and smooth Scratch-resistant plastic layer. When the finger presses on the touch screen, where the two layers of conductive layer contact, the resistance changes, in both X and Y direction of the signal, and then send touch screen controller.