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What Is A Kid Smartwatch For?
Sep 12, 2017

What is a Kid Smartwatch for?

That's all there is to it. As a result, many Kid Smartwatch shrink their smartphones directly, completely copying their features and gimmicky: how complete our configuration is! But obviously these are redundant and only add more power. And many of the hardware features can be used to get data from smartphones.
The nature of the small screen of Kid Smartwatch is doomed to the many functions of the smartphone. Now, the most important thing for Kid Smartwatch based on the smart phone system is to add and subtract the small screen. The practical function is appropriate, the useless thing is removed. With intimate, convenient small function to stick user.
But how can a child smart watch be used to make a user's habit of taking care of all the smart phone's teeth?
The big GEAK Kid Smartwatch, which was just evaluated in the cloud net, has found several highlights of the experience of the application of smart watches in children:
Message alert function. As the child smartwatch is worn on the wrist, the new message alert is very sensitive and is easily perceived by the first time. It's a sticky market for business people who are extremely sensitive to the news.
Music function. The music function of the children's smartwatch may not be as fancy and comfortable as a smartphone. Smart watch music experience but with children do not have the flavor, specific can read cloud network hunting hunting cloud testing experience GEAK 】 children intelligence watch avant-garde sense of science and technology in the detailed evaluation of music function.
Thus, the research of the Kid Smartwatch can expand the user habit from the following aspects, and gain the user's favor.
First, copy smart phone backyard.
Move the weak features of smartphones to smart watches that have more advantages. For example: information reading function. Because the screen is too big, the smart phone not only consumes too much power, but also makes it very inconvenient to carry out the information reading experience. The advantage of transferring such functions to Kid Smartwatch is obvious. The function and application of the Kid Smartwatch will be greatly enhanced and enhanced for the weak function of the smart phone.
Second, provide a differentiated experience.
For example: music function. The music function of the smartphone is already pretty good, but it's a headache when listening to music. But Kid Smartwatch don't have the same problem, and the control experience that comes with music is completely different from that of a smartphone. In the case of a large number of people who are smart phones, and with MP3 players, Kid Smartwatch have a lot of potential in this market.
Third, unique and practical functions.
For example: health monitoring and management. Kid Smartwatch are naturally close to the human body, capable of being able to perform the precise monitoring of human health. This killer feature is "inherently beautiful."
And in terms of price. Because of the strict limits on power consumption, Kid Smartwatches are much lower in configuration than in smartphones. On the basis of continuation of existing smartphone hardware, then compare now hold dual-core tablet has pull out the cost as low as one hundred yuan level, Kid Smartwatch watches do low price without any problems.
One can help the smart phone to save electricity, have the good adornment effect, add the practical health monitoring function, the price is low to the randomization, ask the majority of users will shut out? However, for most users, a low price is the best user experience.
Expand your application and think about the future
The platform for Kid Smartwatch is another reason why many international giants are enamored with Kid Smartwatches. For the replacement and strengthening of the smart phone's partially vulnerable Kid Smartwatch, what "can be used" in the application of expansion?
The application of Kid Smartwatch should be based on the following characteristics:

First, reinformation, light input.
The large-screen feature of smart phone makes the smart phone consume a lot of power while reading information, and the reading of instant message is even more troublesome. Kid Smartwatch are too small to make typing difficult. Users are also more likely to ask for valuable information and respond quickly with voice. All in all, all the low-value functions and applications on smartphones can be transferred to Kid Smartwatch.
Second, multi-screen interaction, body sense manipulation.
Using mobile phone, computer screen to other convenient manipulation of the Kid Smartwatch is the necessary function, watches the same points and watches the Kid Smartwatch, smart phones, end with the computer, will have more unique control mode. Will watch children intelligence body feeling control device, as other equipment operation experience pleasure is to develop Kid Smartwatch watch a big direction, but also improve Kid Smartwatch watch user viscosity will choose the direction in the future.
For example, the voice response of the shanda GEAK Kid Smartwatch in the quick reply function of SMS is to use the multi-screen interaction, please input the characteristics. The function of using voice response is that you must have your text messages on both phones. This provides easy access while also promoting your text messages.
The future of the Kid Smartwatch, due to the strict demand of electricity, hardware will not be his focus of the stunt. Therefore, intelligent hardware will be able to enter the ranks of novel experience and system optimization.
The meaning of the Kid Smartwatch is explained in one sentence: the world is in a long and long way.
The smart phone is too big, too much to eat and can't swallow, and now it has to be part of the function, which is the Kid Smartwatch.
The future of Kid Smartwatch is certainly encouraging, but it is not clear who will be able to exploit the market and how to dig into its value to become the ultimate winner.