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What Exactly Do We Need Adult Smartwatch?
Jul 01, 2017

What exactly do we need Adult Smartwatch?
Adult smart watch, can wear one of the representatives of intelligent devices. Although it triggered Apple, Google, Samsung, Sony and many other giants of concern, but whether it is Samsung's Galaxy Gear or grand fruit shell GEAK Watch, which no manufacturers can detonate the market. However, some of the Adult Smartwatch for the market segment has raised the editor's attention, such as Nissan can monitor the driver's physical condition and car status of Adult Smartwatch, foreign start-up companies for parents to monitor children's adult Smart watch Filip. For the public, what exactly do we need Adult Smartwatch? Is it a small smartphone? Or those specifically for the breakdown of the crowd customized adult smart watch?
Adult smart watch the concept of the rise of time is not long, but the technology companies have been involved in this area, released their own products. Foreign manufacturers such as Samsung has released its own adult smart watch Galaxy Gear, Sony has SmartWatch, through the successful co-Pebble, rumored Apple iWatch, as well as Google, Microsoft, LG, Toshiba and so on in the layout of Adult Smartwatch; Domestic, there is a grand
Enterprises have set foot in the field of Adult Smartwatch
Apple iWatch is one of Apple's recent rumors. However, despite a lot of reports on iWatch research, but we have this adult smart watch look and function, still little to know. Obviously, we expect it to have the usual second screen features (such as notifications, phones, text messages, mail, etc.) in Adult Smartwatch, but how it is designed to catch up with other devices already on the market The
Samsung released in September the adult smart watch Galaxy Gear, which is equipped with a 1.63-inch Super AMOLED material screen with a resolution of 320 * 320, the dial around the use of metal wire drawing design, four screws to the dial and the strap connected, Using a rubber material, and designed a stripe touch, can play a non-slip effect.
In addition, Sony launched the adult smart watch Smartwatch2, to take all the successful route Pebble, Omate (Omate) TrueSmart, HOT Watch, AGENT, Cookoo, domestic manufacturers GEAK Watch, inWatch, etc., are now available Adult smart watch.
Adult smart watch sales less than expected
Until now, adult smart watch sales are still insignificant. Most analysts have only recently tracked the market, and they estimate that the sales of Adult Smartwatch are now about a few thousand per month.
Jeff Orr, a mobile industry analyst at market research firm ABI Research, expects sales of smartphones to reach 1.2 million this year, reaching 7 million in 2014 and 140 million in 2018 Piece. He said that the growth of the premise is that there are three or more large companies to enter the market, so as to promote the use of this device consumers.
For a new product, these numbers are already amazing. But it still lags far behind the smartphone market. In 2007, that is the first generation of iPhone released that year, smartphone sales have more than 100 million units; this year, this figure is expected to more than 1 billion units.
Not by consumers, the media optimistic
Although, at present we can get the "wearable equipment", how much is still a bit rough. Such as Samsung adult smart watch Galaxy Gear, but let many people can not accept is that it must and Samsung's Galaxy phone with, in order to use. It is no wonder friends Tucao: bought a watch have to buy a mobile phone, less also have to seven thousand ocean, Samsung's watch is clearly for the "native" design
Not only that, because the screen restrictions, the current support Samsung Galaxy Gear application is only about 70 models. There is also an unavoidable problem, that is, battery capacity. Its battery is normally used for 24 to 25 hours, of course, if the functions are frequently used, it is estimated that the battery is running out a few hours.
Although there are a number of enterprises into the field of Adult Smartwatch, Adult Smartwatch are expected to enter the small mill from large factories, leading the industry to mature. However, if the adult smart watch technically on the current level, I'm afraid it will not take long, Shenzhen Huaqiang North cottage manufacturers have begun to stir around. At least, from the current market has been the adult smart watch, are only "semi-intelligent", and did not appear as the iPhone to the industry to bring disruptive changes in the product.