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What Does The Old Smart Wear Feature?
Sep 22, 2017

What does the old Smart Wear feature?
Over the past two years, the phone Smart Wear gradually attracted attention. Which children Smart Wear and elderly Smart Wear the highest degree of concern. But there are still a lot of friends that do not know the elderly Smart Wear function, as if in addition to positioning and call, there is no other function. In fact, the elderly Smart Wear function far more than this, the following Xiaobian inventory for everyone on the mainstream market Smart Wear function.
The old Smart clothes are lightweight, large and thin, and the Smart Wear screen is large and clear, loud and clear, easy to operate, and versatile.
1. positioning function, which is one of the core functions of the elderly Smart Wear. The elderly Smart Wear using GPS, Beidou, LBS, WiFi and other multiple positioning, no matter what the environment, can ensure that Smart Wear received specific location information, when the weather is good, the location can be accurate to 5 to 15 meters, Is already the highest standard for civilian locators.
2. Two-way call, parents and children can quickly call through Smart Wear, the elderly encounter problems, you can call to their children for help, timely communication, timely solution.
3.SOS help, the elderly at home accident, go out fall, you can call for help, in the emergency can be the shortest possible time to contact the children, get timely relief, to avoid serious consequences.
4. Electronic fence, if the parents suffering from Alzheimer's disease, you can set a safe area for the parents on the map, when the parents leave the area, Smart Wear will automatically give their children an alarm, keep abreast of the elderly trends, to prevent the loss The
5. Historical trajectory, APP can query to 3 months of the trajectory, at any time to master the passing of the old line, stay time, to understand the real-time location of parents.
6. Health monitoring, the elderly Smart Wear also elderly heartbeat detection, pulse detection, blood pressure detection and other related to the health of the elderly detection function.
7. entertainment timing and other functions, such as step-by-step function, medication reminders, musical opera and other functions, can increase the fun of the elderly life, enhance the well-being of the elderly.
The future function will only become increasingly rich, more and more practical. Strengthen the connection between children and parents, but also the future direction of the elderly Smart Wear. So, the elderly Smart Wear what is the biggest function, in fact, the elderly is concerned about the feelings of everyone, for the younger generation, is more of a rest assured that less rest assured.
How to buy the elderly Smart Wear, this sentence probably contains two meanings, one refers to the purchase of the elderly Smart Wear how to choose, the second refers to the elderly Smart Wear where you can buy, so today Xiaobian give you a share Smart Wear for the elderly purchase guide.
The first is the elderly Smart Wear how to choose?
Choose a satisfied elderly Smart Wear, in fact, depends on the brand, the best choice of the market more popular Smart Wear, because the market will not deceive people, a good brand will be recognized by everyone. Is a very good brand, not only by the market welcome, but also accept the test of the market.
Of course, choose the elderly Smart Wear, positioning requirements must be high, but also have the basic call function, the font should be clear to the big, the volume to force, simple operation and other requirements. Function and more products are fled the use of simple, the elderly receiving capacity is limited, too cumbersome pain point. And then one is the elderly cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are more common, if Smart Wear with a good health test function.
Do not choose too low prices, not too high. Too low cost will be low, the product can not guarantee the damage to the human body, that is, the cost is higher.
The final selection of the time to remember, suitable, is the best. So the purchase of the elderly Smart Wear to be based on their own situation to buy, the situation of the elderly, the application of the elderly Smart Wear is also different.