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The New Trend For Adult Smartwatch Has Arrived
Jul 20, 2017

The new trend for Adult Smartwatch has arrived

Adult Smartwatchintelligence industry after these years of development, the heat of the whole industry began to tend to be more rational, the rational development of the industry transition easier to bring the outside world is an illusion, that the whole Adult Smartwatchintelligence industry into predicament, the lack of sustainable development power. In my opinion, it is because the industry began to become rational that it laid the foundation for the healthy and sustainable development of the whole industry. Watch industry is a typical adult intelligence from 0 to 1 in the industry, from the morphology of the industry thinking, industry, industrial technology and consumer cognitive perspective, in fact, the past few years the development of more like a exploration.

But Adult Smartwatch intelligence as the development direction of the future society, the cognitive form from the start, this is what we see Adult Smartwatchintelligence capital, media industry has been from the start, and attracted the attention of a large number of scientific and technological personnel. Due to the flow of capital, talent, quickly promote adult intelligence watch the construction of the industry realized from 0 to 1, all sorts of carrier based on the product shape products began to appear, including smart watches, smart clothing, smart and intelligent shoes jewelry, etc. Based technology, and the lack of talent, but as a result of the industrial chain in products expressed by way of technology, have been affected in different degree, use a word to describe is when the fullness of the ideal into reality, in the form of bony.

After entrepreneurs to unremitting efforts over the years, especially in the recent years by some media we can see some watches industry practitioners for adult intelligence thinking more and more in-depth, whether from the product technical implementation, or from the product application scenarios, and the Adult Smartwatchintelligence industry's role in the era of the Internet of things such as level have a clearer cognition. This kind of endogenous driving force determines the development direction of the whole industry to a great extent. Is also based on these factors, I'll give 2016 definition to the turn of the year for the adult intelligence watch industry, also means that the 2016 adult intelligence watch industry development will be from disorderly to orderly, from flowers to the vertical depth, from concept is greater than the reality to such a concept of reality and synchronous phase, specific have the following several aspects:

1. The technical value of industrial chain is highlighted.

Because industry development is in a state of flowers before, to a great extent, on the one hand, the lack of a clear demand for industrial technology, on the other hand relatively discrete demand, these two factors will lead to the industrial chain link to a certain extent, the lack of motivation. For the enterprises in the industrial chain technology, the key to the development of r&d is the market demand and value. Because the adult intelligence before the watch industry in flowers of such a state of development, the demand of the technology of the industrial chain link will be multiple, discrete, the multiple, discrete demand for enterprise on the chain is very difficult to produce value. When the output ratio of these enterprises is excessive, the enterprise will inevitably lack the incentive to invest. But after these years of exploration, some technical in industrial chain have formed a relatively concentrated demand, this will largely promote enterprises to strengthen the research and development on the technology of the industrial chain link. On the other hand, the relative concentration and effectiveness of the demand on the industrial chain of Adult Smartwatch has highlighted the technical value of the industry on a large scale. From the current situation, many related enterprises have created a good value benefit for shareholders in supporting technology.

2. Market demand tends to be rational.

After these years of grinding, consumers began to form their own criteria for Adult Smartwatch products. From the consumer's perspective, facing new technology and new things, generally influenced by product marketing publicity, the self-judgment criteria for product consumption have not been formed. But after years of grinding, whether based on the product itself, or based on technology, or based on apps, there are some judgments. The formation of consumer self value judgment for adult intelligence watch industry entrepreneurs means market started to standardization, despite the current adult intelligence is still in the missing watch industry standards, but market forces pushing down industry entered a stage of standardization development. On the one hand is the consumer from impulse buys into the rational consumption, it largely promote and constraint of entrepreneurs in the amplification factor in the process of product development and marketing of packaging, the product technology itself can put forward the higher request; On the other hand, consumers are beginning to focus on the practicality of new technologies, especially for improving the quality of life. For practitioners of the Adult Smartwatch industry, 2016 will need to look beyond the "flowery" new technology to the practical value of new technologies.