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The Future Trend Of Kid Smartwatch
Jul 01, 2017

The future trend of Kid Smartwatch
On what kind of Kid Smartwatch really worth the wait, people are very enthusiastic discussion is that this is probably related to the rush of the product market, market positioning and functional ambiguity is also a serious constraint on its development. As a wearable device, children's smart watch is just a transitional link or has reached the best product form? There is no standard answer at present. However, those personalized products for specific people are clearly more acclaimed than mediocre mass products, so digging subdivision should be a good way out.
Location: not a smartphone miniature
Microsoft as early as 2003 has launched SPOT Kid Smartwatch, but the market did not because of its giants identity and give him a good face, launched four years later sadly into the history of science and technology museum.
Samsung high-profile launch Gear, the results received "doomed failure" comments, the reason is also similar with the SPOT. One to see the "smart" word, then take the Kid Smartwatch as a narrow version of the smart phone, narrow eyes, the outcome can not help but miserable. Or jump out of the smart phone thinking, imagine the equipment can be worn on the human body wearing the effect of it If the smart phone screen can easily do things, why have to use another piece of smaller, more awkward operation of the screen? Kid Smartwatch should not be like this now presents a rigid smartphone experience, do not need to be another interface to the phone. It should become a product with its own unique
At the same time, in this area, it is not casually several industry giants rally call, you can be gathered. Only return to nature, keep up with the user needs is king, and then use a unique experience to win the market favor.
Requirements: Functional products are more popular
In a variety of intelligent equipment in an endless stream of times, why do we need a function with other equipment no big difference between the watch? At least at this stage, not everyone is necessary in their daily with a child smart watch.
In fact, some children's smart watch manufacturers have changed the way to consider the problem. For example, Nissan recently announced a children's smart watch dedicated to Nismo's car, which links the driver and the car to show telemetry data during driving, including speed and driver's heart rate. Filip is a children's child smart watch, designed for parents to use, real-time monitoring of the child's safety situation - the designer's children have almost lost, this incident directly led to the birth of Filip. In addition, there are more similar products are gradually emerging.
We can answer the question at the beginning: you do not need, but some people really need it. To grasp the needs of the latter. If you do not forget the "wearable equipment" so "high" concept, unrealistic, then your product may never be no one to buy.
Way out: dig out the field does not take the general line
Life is not easy to care for the elderly, are closely concerned about the health and growth of infants and young children, as well as people with more and more intimate love of pets, more than ordinary people need to buy Kid Smartwatch.
This group needs to be always concerned with geography, dietary and health data - and they can not directly learn and master the data, but also need others to make decisions based on these data. One end is wearing the main body of wearable equipment, the other end is through the mobile application to master, monitor and deal with these health data relatives, Kid Smartwatch should be such a product can be shared, with technical means to convey care and responsibility.
In the final analysis, children's smart watch is a data processing tool. It should do only watch to do. These areas need to be excavated in the field contains a large market, people are willing to care for themselves and no time to take care of people and things pay.