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The Future Of Smart Wristband
Sep 12, 2017

The future of Smart Wristband
About what kind of Smart Wristband really worth looking forward to, and people to a heated discussion has been rife, presumably associated with the rush out of the product, market positioning and functions of unclear also restricted its development. As a wearable device, is the Smart Wristband just a transition link or the best product form? There is no standard answer. However, personalized products for specific groups of people are clearly more favorable than mediocre popular products, so digging into segments should be a good way out.
Location: not a smartphone mini
The SPOT Smart Wristband was introduced back in 2003, but the market didn't give him a good look because of its giant status, and a museum that entered the history of technology four years later.
Samsung launched the Gear with a high profile but received "doomed" comments, and the reason was similar to SPOT. When you see the word "smart", you take it for granted that the Smart Wristband is a shrunken version of the smartphone, with a narrow focus and a sad ending. Think about the effects of wearable devices on the human body. Why switch to a smaller, clunky screen if you can easily do something on your smartphone screen? The Smart Wristband should not present a mechanical smartphone experience as it does now, and it doesn't need to be another interface to the phone. It should become a product that has its own uniqueness
At the same time, in this field, it is not just a few of the industry giants that have their arms and arms. Only returning to the essence, keeping up with user demand is king, and then using the unique experience to win the market favor.
Requirements: products with clear features are more popular
Why do we need a watch that doesn't have a lot of features to do with other devices in an age when all sorts of smart devices are emerging? At least for now, not everyone needs to be equipped with a Smart Wristband.
In fact, some Smart Wristband have changed their minds to consider the problem. For example, recently announced a dedicated Nismo car Smart Wristband, it can put the driver and car together, can show the telemetry data in the process of driving, including speed, drivers' heart rate and so on. Filip is a children's Smart Wristband that allows parents to monitor their child's safety in real time - the designer's child was almost lost, which led to Filip's birth. In addition, more similar products are emerging.
We can answer the beginning of the question: you don't need it, but someone needs it. The need to catch the latter. If you don't forget the concept of "wearables" and "tall," then your product may never be bought.
The way out: excavate the subdivision domain not to take the popular route
Elderly people who are not convenient to live, who are closely watched for health and growth, and pets who are increasingly connected with people's emotional ties, need to buy Smart Wristband more than ordinary people.
This group need to be paying attention to the geographical position, diet and health data, and they can't learn and master the data directly, and need others to make decisions based on these data. End is the main part of the dress wearable devices, on the other side is through the mobile application control, monitoring, and loved ones, deal with these health data intelligent wrist strap should be such a product, can be Shared with technology transfer caring, responsible.
Ultimately, a Smart Wristband is a data processing tool. It should do what only a watch can do. There is a big market in these niche areas where people are willing to pay for people and things they don't have time to care for.