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Smart Wristband Are Used In Our Daily Life
Jul 10, 2017

Smart Wristband are used in our daily life

If you have a Smart Wristband, many people will have a strange feeling. But, if we're going to talk about bus passes, the automatic toll system, the portal system, that's the familiar thing. Admittedly, RFID technology has indeed infiltrated the Chinese side of life.

RFID (RFID) is a wireless communication technology based on the Internet of things and traditional telecommunication networks, which enables the information to be connected to all physical objects that can be independently addressed. The popular point is that barcode scanning is a wireless induction.

The RFID silicone wristband is a kind of smart radio-frequency variant card that can be worn on the wrist. Wrist belt chooses environmental protection type silica gel material, wear comfortable, and appearance is beautiful, have adornment sex; Reusable.

Can be used in one cartoon, food consumption, attendance management, natatorium, washing center, sauna center and entertainment venues, airport parcel, parcel tracking hospital patient identification, identification of birth, babies, and prison management, monitoring management, personnel positioning, etc.

Now, let's make the small group of the ccucube group a few of the big applications of RFID that we don't know about.

Applied to the medical industry

Smart Wristband chip can first determine the patient's condition, under the condition of many of the injured at the scene of the disaster, a wrist strap, scanning the doctor can determine which patients need surgery in the first place, which patients can be transferred to the rear for treatment. By scanning the chip with prior to moving the information in the hospital, can help doctors determine in advance the operation plan, arrived at the mobile hospital, surgery in the first place, you know, every save 1 seconds during a disaster operation can save many lives. After a preliminary calculation, the "wristband surgery" system can more than triple the efficiency of traditional disaster surgery.

Id card

Smart Wristband have been widely used as personnel identification. It is one of the most widely used and mature field of RFID technology. At present, the domestic application of second-generation resident identity card is the typical representative.


Radio frequency automatic identification of non-parking system (ETC). Based on RFID technology, through the distance, the non-contact rf card collection of information, the use of computer network technology and the bank for the background and settlement process, so as to achieve the vehicle through the bridge toll station need parking I can pay the fee is not the purpose.


The Smart Wristband of patients in the hospital, the Smart Wristband record patient details, and all the information on the Smart Wristband can be stored in the corresponding computer database. By using a Smart Wristband and a reader attached to certain doorways and corridors, the patient can be identified and tracked to ensure that the patient's activity does not exceed the intended range.

Warehousing logistics

Smart Wristband warehousing logistics management system, to storage and control the whole process management of each link, and can the goods quantity, specifications, dates, storage warehouse, warehouse area, such as implementing RFID electronic tag management, to the receiving, shipping, and so on each link of the standardized operation. The steps of manual writing are removed, and the information of the warehouse information is obsolete.