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See Real Fake Adult Smartwatch, Grasp The Future Development
Sep 12, 2017

See real fake Adult Smartwatch, grasp the future development

The concept of Adult Smartwatch has been firing for nearly a decade from the time of the function machine to the present, but it has not been getting any better. Technology giant Microsoft has launched as early as 2003 the SPOT watch adult intelligence, but the market did not because he is a giant and give him any good looks, in four years after the launch has entered the history of science and technology museum.
Today, hardware and software technology has been promoted several orders of magnitude, and the development of smart phones has reached a bottleneck, and the concept of Adult Smartwatch has become hot again. As a second screen product, what's the real meaning of Adult Smartwatch to us? How much of his nature is true, and how much of it is false, behind the competitive and preconceived notions of technology giants?
After the detailed evaluation of the experience GEAK Adult Smartwatch technology, we will explore the true and false sense of the Adult Smartwatch.
Return to nature, demand wins
Watch adult intelligence, we saw the word "intelligent glance at, then ultimately found the watch adult intelligence this reference directly, as a result of the adult intelligence in our mind the watch is a smaller version of the smartphone. This is clearly narrow. The existing adult smartwatch image has also deepened the stereotype.
So what is the essence of the return of an adult smartwatch to a watch?
Watch, the traditional watch is a portable timing tool, which has the functions of timing, timing, decoration and so on. Today's adult intelligence watch is on the basis of the original function and advanced chip module, to provide more for the monitoring and control of the weather, health, high-tech features, convenience and improve the life of human beings.
On the human side, the watch has a taste and fashionable logo, showing a person's life habits and aesthetic consciousness, displaying a person's physical appearance. It's like a hairband, an earring, and a walking pick. However, the influence of different styles and different wearing methods on the body language of the individual is obviously different. This is why the watch has a lot of pursuers when the phone's function has already replaced the watch.
From the experience of operation, the watch has a unique rotating shaft operation and compact keystrokes two modes, although there is no advantage in convenience, but elegant, retro experience is why so many people love table right. Similarly, the rise of smartphones owes a lot to a sense of technology and a sensitive touch.
Generally speaking, the decorative meaning of the watch is greater than the function meaning, and the operation of the humanities is greater than the convenience consciousness. Taste and aesthetics are his soul. This is the biggest user demand in the traditional watch market. It is not advisable for an adult smartwatch to stand on a smartphone platform if it is to take advantage of the traditional watch market.
Aesthetic break, operation to add flowers
At present, the adult intelligence watch rigid demand has not yet formed, and the cluster number of big-name manufacturers under the condition of planting plots, rely on science and technology enthusiasts, geek a curious cavity and the market is not long.
Thus, the Adult Smartwatch will be able to borrow the traditional watch market in its early development. And the traditional watch is actually art adornment, reflect the aesthetic grade of the person that wears a table. The Adult Smartwatch wants to open the market as soon as possible, not as the smart phone is just as hard as the hardware piling up, the plug is more versatile, but the unique appearance and operation mode.
The industrial sense of the mechanical watch, the electronic sense of the electronic watch, and the Adult Smartwatch, the hunter cloud network is strongly expected to feel the sense of technology and the future from him.
Looking at the current Adult Smartwatch, the look is either a traditional watch, or a shrunken version of the smartphone, which is scrambling to add more features to the smartphone. There's a lot more of a smartphone in the way of manipulation -- I want to get rid of all the keys. Forget this is an Adult Smartwatch!