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Round And Square, Which Is More Suitable For The Shape Of Smart Watches
Jun 01, 2017

Circular Smartwatch Round and square, which is more suitable for the shape of smart watches? With the smart watches on the market more and more, we can easily find that in addition to Apple's Apple Watch, most of the smart watches are the use of traditional watch round design. So why are most of the watches are round it, round use in the smart watch and inappropriate? Today, the author and everyone to talk about the shape of the smart watch on the issue.

  Why the watch is mostly round design

  Since the circular design of smart watches is affected by the traditional watch, then we have been wearing watches why most of the use of circular design? Summary of the following main reasons for the following:

  1, the world's first watch is developed by the pocket watch, so then pocket watch round design on the deep impact of the shape of the watch.

  2, the early movement of the watch are basically round, so the watch made of this shape is a matter of course.

  3, because most of the watch's indicators are rotating along the center of the circle, so the aesthetic, the round watch can make most people feel more beautiful and comfortable.

  Since the original appearance of the watch is a lot of objective factors under the influence of the development, then the smart watch, there is no need to continue this design?

  Smart watches with the advantages of circular design

  One of the biggest advantages of designing a smart watch into a circle is to be more stylish and beautiful in overall styling. Because the development of watches has been more than 200 years, and in this hundred years, we are accustomed to a round watch. So if the smart watch made of circular, then the visual will give people a familiar feeling. So that the affinity in the "bulky" square watch to be better.

  In addition, the circular dial also allows users to naturally focus on the visual focus in the center of the dial. At the same time than the square, round design also allows the watch to wear more comfortable.

  Smart watches with round design shortcomings

  Circular Smartwatch After reading the advantages, let us look at the circular design for smart watches, what is the bad place. First in the production process, the circular dial to be higher. This is why in the early stages of the development of smart watches, most manufacturers can only start the beginning of the square design of smart watches.

  Followed by the main function of the smart watch is not used to watch the time, so the design of the round in the smart watch may be somewhat not practical. For some information to read and manipulate experience, the square dial is really better than the circular dial

  Finally, the current application is basically based on the square interface to develop, so in the use of habits, the square of the smart watch can bring a more familiar feeling.

  to sum up:

  Circular Smartwatch In terms of smart watches, round dial can make watches in the design more beautiful fashion, square dial can be more practical. From the current smart watch market, we may still pay more attention to the beautiful watch.