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New Kid Smartwatch Predicts Human Activities
Oct 23, 2017

New Kid Smartwatch Predicts Human Activities
Kid Smartwatch can only recognize the limited activities of the wearer, such as running and practicing yoga, and are carried out in advance. But the new machine learning method in research and development can be "church" Kid Smartwatch initiative to identify the wearer's ongoing activities, including brushing and cutting vegetables, including complex activities. Scientists say the current Kid Smartwatch lacks the ability to judge the suspension of a continuous activity and tends to see the suspended activity as two separate activities. The new technology will focus on solving such problems and classify similar rhythmic activities. For example, the wearer put the clothes into the washing machine cleaning, they took some time out of clothing, the watch can understand that this is doing the same thing.
Scientists say the future Kid Smartwatch will be able to better restore human daily life, to help people remember what and based on past behavior tips to do next.
Has been widely questioned by the wisdom of wearing the market, because the smart home, is ushering in the "vista" a new situation. This is the past few years with the development of smart home in the Chinese market, highly similar: first rush into the field snatch to eat; and then the user experience is poor, the enterprise disappeared in batches, the product encountered challenges; now usher in a new round The historical opportunity of development. All this, the future also depends on the development of Kid Smartwatch.
Kid Smartwatch has the following characteristics:
1 network function. Various Kid Smartwatch can be connected through the home LAN, but also through the home gateway interface with the manufacturer's service site connected, and ultimately can be connected with the Internet to achieve the sharing of information.
2 intelligent. Kid Smartwatch can respond automatically according to the surrounding environment, without human intervention. For example, intelligent air conditioning can be based on different seasons, climate and the location of the user, automatically adjust their working status to achieve the best results.
3 openness, compatibility. The Kid Smartwatch platform must be developed and compatible due to the fact that the user's home Kid Smartwatch may come from a different vendor.
4 energy saving. Kid Smartwatch can automatically adjust the working time and working state according to the surrounding environment, so as to realize energy saving.
5 ease of use. Since the complex control operation flow has been solved by the controller embedded in the Kid Smartwatch, the user only needs to understand the very simple operation. Kid Smartwatch is not a single appliance, but should be a technical system, with the human application needs and the continuous development of intelligent appliances, the content will be more abundant, according to the actual application of different environments Kid Smartwatch function will have The difference.
In the era of intelligent life, the data is essential, and the human body data collection, if left Kid Smartwatch, it is out of the question. Kid Smartwatch is really in the adjustment period and will break out again in the future.
Kid Smartwatch in addition to the core of the data collection function, but also can bring people more experience. The necessity of the product experience determines its market demand. Now the wearable equipment includes bracelet, watch, glasses, etc., watch and bracelet common feature is 24 hours to wear, can be said that Kid Smartwatch's core products, bracelet audience demand is relatively single, glasses audience is very narrow, The current availability is Kid Smartwatch.