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Men What To Consider When You Buy Watches
Oct 26, 2016

1. generally considered waterproof performance after the TURNBUCKLE covers or screws screw fixing is preferred, if press cover, nylon seal than rubber the effect of strong, just press the lid structure, at the time of opening the back cover, if manipulation is bad and marks are easily.
2. do not buy than thick and heavy watch, the so-called greater than thick, suffrage watch casing exceeds 40 mm. More than 14 millimeters in thickness, its weight exceeds 200 grams, wearing it feels rather "suffer", wrist slightly uncomfortable; fall of unfitness and sloshing phenomenon.
3. equipped with special types of leather strap watch, be careful, the so-called special type refers to the ends of the leather strap with metal components, wrapped in straps (this is mainly to achieve the feeling when wearing the watch bracelet, or ease of disassembly), or strap has a shaped cutting of the end.
4. super thin and small watch, both mechanical watches and the quartz watch, movement was good, especially mechanical watches.