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Look True And False Adult Smartwatch, Grasp The Future Development
Aug 01, 2017

Look true and false Adult Smartwatch, grasp the future development
Adult Smartwatch concept from the functional machine to the present has been speculation for nearly a decade, has been but no improvement. Technology giant Microsoft as early as 2003 has launched SPOT Adult Smartwatch, but the market did not because he is a giant and give him any good face to see, in the introduction of four years later sadly into the history of science and technology museum.
Today, hardware and software technology has gone through several orders of magnitude to enhance, and the development of smart phones have reached a bottleneck, the concept of Adult Smartwatch will become hot again. As the second screen products, Adult Smartwatch on our mortal beings in the end what is the basic meaning? In the various technology giants competing to force, advocating the concept behind, his essence in the end how much is true, how much is false?
In the hunting cloud network done "experience GEAK Adult Smartwatch avant-garde technology sense," the detailed evaluation, let us with the freshness of the kind, to explore some Adult Smartwatch true and false.
Return to nature, demand to win
Adult Smartwatch, we will see a smart word, so follow the melon will directly find the Adult Smartwatch this reference, the result is our minds of Adult Smartwatch is a miniature version of a smart phone. This is obviously narrow. And the existing Adult Smartwatch image also deepened everyone's stereotypes.
Then the return of Adult Smartwatch the essence of the watch in the end is what kind of thing?
Watches, from the function that the traditional watch is a portable timing tool, with timing, timing, decoration and other functions. Today's Adult Smartwatch are based on the original features plus advanced chip modules that provide more weather, health, and monitor the management of high-tech features to facilitate and improve human life.
From the human side, the watch has a taste, fashion logo, showing a person's living habits and aesthetic awareness, showing a person's physical gestures. It is similar to the hair bands, earrings, wear it to walk things have changed. And different styles, different wear law on the individual's body language, obviously also different. This is the function of the phone has long been replaced when the watch, but why there are still a large number of chasing watches.
From the operating experience, the watch has a unique shaft operation and streamlined key operation of the two modes, although there is no advantage in the convenience, but elegant, retro operation experience is a lot of love table favorite reason. Similarly, the reasons for the rise of smart phones, largely due to a sense of science and technology, sensitive touch experience.
In general, the decorative significance of the watch is greater than the functional significance of the operation of humanities is greater than convenient consciousness. Taste and aesthetics is his soul. This is the traditional watch market, the biggest user demands. Adult Smartwatch If you want to take advantage of the traditional watch market, rigidly adhere to the smart phone platform awareness is not desirable.
Aesthetic break, operation add flowers
At present, Adult Smartwatch have not yet formed a rigid demand, and many large manufacturers get together to sow the experimental field, only rely on technology enthusiasts, geeks of a cavity curiosity brought about by the market is not long.
Thus, Adult Smartwatch in the initial development will take advantage of the traditional watch market. The traditional watch is actually art ornaments, reflecting the wearing of the aesthetic taste of the table. Adult Smartwatch in order to open the market as soon as possible, not like smart phones like the hardware stacking, stuffed into more features, but a unique look and mode of operation.
Adult Smartwatch, due to restrictions on the wear of the watch, the control screen is doomed very small. Such a small screen, for touch screen operation is difficult to play like a smart phone fist, operating cautious, inconvenient. Touch screen for Adult Smartwatch can only be regarded as a feature, touch screen operation experience to compete with the smart phone, is not wise.