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Learn To Maintain Watches
Oct 26, 2016

1. placing the watch where it is best to place a desiccant, prevent watches from moisture. Like friends put it in the closet to avoid using mothballs, repellents and other chemicals.
2. leather watch should try to avoid contact with the water, so as to avoid strap hard, smelly, leading to fracture results. Watch strap for a long time, can be cleaned up.
3. automatic table must be on the active enough under the circumstances, which must be worn for more than 8 hours a day. Some sit in an Office friend found the watch runs slow is often watches dynamic enough and need more swing.
4. should be wearing different watches for different occasions, such as when the best selection of excellent waterproof and shock-resistant sport watch
5. table covered with WATER if there is marked RESESTENT or 3ATM hand shows the degree of waterproofing only under the pressure of the water or rain.