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Kid Smartwatch Auxiliary Positioning And Trend Problems
Jul 20, 2017

Kid Smartwatch auxiliary positioning and trend problems

Children's problem is a very popular topic in the world, every country for children's safety problems to formulate some corresponding measures, but still could not avoid the happening of the problem such as children wandered off. With the rise of wearable devices, Kid Smartwatches have risen in the marketplace.

The current Kid Smartwatch in the market mainly have the following functions: call, location, key SOS, remote pick up sound, electronic fence, free of interruption, micro-chat, watch proofing, alarm clock, health monitoring, etc. Make a positioning call watch, location and call function is necessary. In addition, if the conditions are ok, it's a good choice to have a watch with no distractions and micro-chat functions, so as long as you open the time of no-interruption, you won't have to worry about being disturbed during the break. In spare time, you can also use your mobile app to chat with your text and voice, and interact more with your family.

In addition to targeting, Kid Smartwatch will support motion tracking, two-way call and SMS. Hence the idea of a Kid Smartwatch, a smartwatch that runs independently of the phone. It is hard to tell what system it is using, whether it supports 3G or browsing the web, but it is likely that the children's smart watch will support the WiFi network and be used to help locate it.

First, the miniaturization of the product. Children aged 5 to 13, with a median length of about 15cm in the wrist, are not comfortable to wear if the watch is too large, and also have a greater impact on aesthetics. At present, most of the products in the market have the problem of wearing the width of the contact surface, which causes the children to wear large gaps and not fit enough to seriously affect the experience of children wearing. The asymmetric design of Kid Smartwatch solves this problem well.

Secondly, the accuracy of positioning is higher and higher. As the user of the watch - children, most of the time is indoor activities, outdoor activities are often on the vehicle, simple GPS positioning is very difficult to play a role. The positioning of the base station is difficult to ensure the accuracy of positioning, so other methods of wireless assisted positioning technology can be applied, such as WIFI, bluetooth, etc. Some manufacturers have also developed a multi-station accurate location based on signal strength, which adds color to the user experience.

Third, good interaction capabilities, products on the market at present interaction ability is weak, Kid Smartwatch typical representative is intelligent equipment, dressing only exist as a dumb terminals, have no chance of communication between children and parents. It can be expected that the future Kid Smartwatch will gradually strengthen in this area, real time communication and family care. At present, the bluetooth speaker manufacturer is the first one, and has a strong intercom and group call function.

Another news that smart watches products embedded fingerprint identification system, to prevent outsiders to malicious to remove watches, only after the input fingerprint has authority to remove a watch, the watch forcibly remove or accidental loss, will automatically alarm to remind parents. If this function can be realized, traffickers want to kidnap children is not easy, for Kid Smartwatch, fingerprint identification is used to guard against theft and subsequent or linked to pay, purchase application, it is actually a function of infinite imagination, the future will certainly be a wide range of popular, therefore, Kid Smartwatch products increase the fingerprint identification function, should have a certain credibility.