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In The Opening Season, Parents Should Not Buy A Kid Smartwatch?
Sep 22, 2017

In the opening season, parents should not buy a Kid Smartwatch?
 At present, the number of missing children is growing, more and more amazing.
Kid Smartwatch, which can "locate", "talk" and "micro talk", is the "hot topic" of the opening season, which is very powerful and attracts the attention of the parents.
In the opening season, many parents took their children to school and saw 10 children, eight of them were children with Kid Smartwatch children. Of course, there are many parents still tangled in the end should not give children to buy a Kid Smartwatch?
 According to statistics, China has 8 million missing children each year, nearly 10 million people in the search. And the number of missing and missing populations is increasing. Plus years of accumulated scattered population, the annual population of more than 10 million people.
And so many children lost the situation, so far have not got a good solution, I saw the phenomenon of children lost gradually.
Since the birth of Kid Smartwatch, the phenomenon of children lost gradually reduced, although not as some parents said so foolproof, but it can make these parents feel the attention and hope, but also to the child's safety with a Protection line.
 In fact, Mom and Dad bought Kid Smartwatch, the beginning is but "I want to know where the child is safe?"
It is like: "no matter where the child, a phone, immediately find you."
This is a very hot Kid Smartwatch slogan. However, this sentence directly hit the needs of Mom and Dad pain points, so most of the parents willing to pocket, buy buy buy!
 Simply put, Kid Smartwatch use is not difficult, but why there are some details of the problem is not resolved? For example: add Kid Smartwatch show waiting for the administrator is how is it? Parents must know that the first binding of the device account is the main administrator, a mobile phone number can only register a watch. So only the administrator has the right to authorize it? However, an ID can be bound by multiple accounts, adding role management and rights management.
Because a family bought a smart positioning watch, the first registered is the father, that father is the administrator; and mother and dad need to control the same watch, you need to log on the same account; and then to our APP terminal settings interface To find the "add equipment", add the device, fill in the information inside, after the completion of the "show waiting for administrator verification", after a while the administrator will receive a message, so this time on the need to Dad's authorization To the mother, so that you can verify the Oh!
 Once, I charge the phone, the original began to have 10% of the electricity, can be charged for a few hours after the left 0%, I am foolish to die, that the phone is broken, and so on when the reaction, But also made me a day muffled, broke down in tears. What did you guess? The Actually the socket switch is not open, the data line is broken, and instantly take care. In fact, smart positioning watches are the same, there may be some exceptions. I believe that most people will be very nervous when they encounter problems? Will be afraid of it? Sometimes at a loss, I do not know how to solve! But sometimes, as long as you do not panic, the problem soon handled.
 In fact, is to tell you, if Kid Smartwatch can not charge, can not boot how to do? Do not worry, sometimes more urgent and easy to make mistakes, so you should stop and think of a way, rather than blind to solve.
When faced with this problem, you first check whether the data line is broken, for the root line to try to be able to charge. If not, you can follow the following video, the battery under the white small seat to take out, and then assembled up, and then charge for a while, then boot.