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How To Choose The Circular Smartwatch? These Five Are Enough
Jul 10, 2017

How to choose the Circular Smartwatch? These five are enough

As a hot segment of smart apparel, round smartwatches are popular with parents. Many size businesses are want to get a standard piece in this huge market, multifarious, appeared on the market are of variable quality of Circular Smartwatch, all sorts of function of cool products publicity, together with the watch by hackers monitoring, radiation levels, such as news gust, which touched the hearts of the parents wanted to give the child to purchase a tangle of Circular Smartwatch parents, Circular Smartwatch what to choose?

1. Big brands and powerful manufacturers

Circular Smartwatch is an emerging field, at present there is no have absolute dominance of the big brands, even 360, tencent and other Internet companies new intelligent hardware industry recruits, so how to choose? Because the smart watch involves the hardware and software, the Internet of things, APP, technically not complex, but the technology integration requires a certain amount of time precipitation, judgment and behind a product's strength, can through the following two points:

(1) the brand in the same field (such as child safety products for sale, market reaction is good, generally only a product of new entrants are, what is the long-term development strategy, or blindly follow the market hot spots, users must pay attention to, this determines the enterprise service for how long.

(2) independent service enterprise. Many companies are involved in smart hardware graphics, outsourcing, platform outsourcing, and technical integration. Once the market is in a low point, it is easy to give up the business. Options have embedded software, hardware, structure, background, and the App all research and development capabilities, and manufacturing, quality, sales, after-sale and customer service and operation of the whole industry chain service ability of the manufacturer.

Location accurate

Positioning is the main function of the Circular Smartwatch, and the positioning function is about the safety of the children who use the watch. The positioning function is mainly realized by GPS technology.

The factors that affect this function mainly include chip, positioning module and signal influence. Multiple positioning mode and high quality chip can improve accuracy effectively. 360 USES GPS + WIFI + base station + gravity sensor quadruple location; On this basis, the tencent round smartwatch adds a photo-assisted location. UBLOX GPS + WIFI + LBS + GSeonsor quadruple smart positioning is adopted. Where is intelligence? According to the use of environment automatic identification and positioning network, the wan-language circular intelligent watch USES LBS and outdoor GPS positioning. In network environment, WIFI location is preferred, and the accuracy and power consumption are perfectly balanced. Using multiple positioning methods, the positioning accuracy can be accurate to meters.

3. Strong battery life

On shopping's user ratings, the short battery life is one of the most fun. For example, the battery life of a smartphone is the same as a smartphone, and the standby time of a child's mobile phone is one of the factors that make parents have a headache. Watches on the market at present most of the duration between 6 hours - 1.5 days, if the battery life even the children come home from school to school time can't meet, it will lose the meaning of wear. The importance of standby is self-evident. Through continuous improvement, the current 360 Circular Smartwatch with superior quality can reach more than 2 days. Wan-speaking Circular Smartwatch lasts 3 days, xiaomi even 6 days.

4. Kids like it

Round smartwatches buy parents and use children. If the watch is a good boy without wearing it or wearing it for two days, the money will be spent. So you can ask for your child's opinion before choosing, and know your child's preferences. For younger children, you can buy watches with rich colors and cute style. And older teenagers can buy a simple, cool style watch. The watch can be replaced by the Circular Smartwatch with the "bear infested" animation image design of the watch in the shape of the children loved.

5. Low-radiation

Radiation has great harm to people, and the harm of young children cannot be ignored. There have been media reports that some of the Circular Smartwatch were about 1,000 times more radioactive than mobile phones, whether the facts or the hype were enough to keep parents in suspense. Currently, the national standard for intelligent product radiation is 2.0 W/kg, which is not qualified. Before you buy your watch, make sure you know what the radiation value of the watch is.