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How To Choose Kid Smartwatch There Are Five Of These
Aug 10, 2017

How to choose Kid Smartwatch There are five of these
As a popular field of wearing a hot market segments, Kid Smartwatch by the majority of parents blitz. Many sizes of businesses want to share in this huge market a standard, the market there have been varied, uneven quality of Kid Smartwatch, a variety of features cool product propaganda blowing, coupled with the watch was hacker monitoring, Radiation and other news frequently burst, all affect the parents of the heart, had wanted to give children the purchase of Kid Smartwatch parents tangle, Kid Smartwatch in the end how to choose it?
1, big brands, the strength of the manufacturers produced
Kid Smartwatch is a new area, there is no absolute dominance of the big brands, even 360, Tencent and other Internet companies are involved in the smart hardware industry recruits, then how to choose? As the smart watches involved in hardware and software, Internet of things, APP and other aspects, the technology is not complicated, but the technical integration needs a certain time to precipitate, to determine the strength of a product behind, you can pass the following 2 points
(1) the brand in the same area (such as child safety) have a variety of products in the sale, the market response is good, generally only a product are new business, whether it is a long-term development strategy, or blindly follow the market hot, Attention, which determines the business services can be maintained for how long.
(2) with independent service capabilities enterprises. Many companies involved in intelligent hardware plans flat, program outsourcing, platform outsourcing, technology integration is difficult to protect, once the market into a trough, it is easy to give up the business. Select the embedded software, hardware, structure, background, App and other research and development capabilities across the board, as well as manufacturing, quality, sales, after-sales, customer service and operation of the whole industry chain service capabilities. Such as Shenzhen city stroll, million language network, such products manufacturers service platform and client APP are their own products, with a company's products and services on the guarantee.
2, accurate positioning
Positioning is the main function of Kid Smartwatch, positioning function related to the use of the child's safety watch. The positioning function is mainly realized by GPS technology.
Factors affecting this function are chip, positioning module, as well as signal effects. Multi-positioning mode, the use of high-quality chip can effectively improve the accuracy. 360 with GPS + WIFI + base station + gravity sensor quadruple positioning; Tencent Kid Smartwatch on this basis, plus a camera-assisted positioning; million words are used UBLOX GPS + WIFI + LBS + GSeonsor quadruple intelligent positioning. Where is intelligence Million Kid Smartwatch according to the use of the environment automatically identify the positioning network, indoor use LBS, outdoor GPS positioning; network environment priority to use WIFI positioning, precision and power to achieve a perfect balance. Using multiple positioning methods, positioning accuracy is generally accurate to meters.
 3, battery life and strong
Shopping site evaluation of the user, the battery life is short is one of the most Tucao points. Such as battery life is the shortcomings of smart phones, children's mobile phone standby time is also one of the factors that make parents headaches. Currently on the market watch the majority of life time between 6 hours -1.5 days, if the battery life from school to school from school to school time can not meet, it will lose the meaning of wearing. The importance of standby time is self-evident. Through continuous improvement, the current part of the quality of 360 Kid Smartwatch life can be more than 2 days. Million Kid Smartwatch life of up to 3 days, millet and even up to 6 days.
4, children like it
Kid Smartwatch to buy people are parents, the use of children. If the watch no matter how good the child does not wear or wear 2 days do not wear, and that money to spend the wrong. So before you can purchase the child's views, to understand the child's preferences. For younger children, you can buy rich color, style, partial love of the watch; and slightly older teenager can choose simple shape, style cool handsome watch. Tencent watches can replace the strap and Huaqiang Group to "bear haunt" cartoon image design watch in the shape of the children loved.
5, low radiation
Radiation on people have greater harm to the harm of young children can not be ignored. Before the media reported that some Kid Smartwatch radiation is 1000 times the phone, whether it is the fact that speculation, enough to allow parents to hang. At present, the national provisions of the intelligent product radiation standards for 2.0W / kg, all higher than this value are unqualified. Before buying a watch, be sure to figure out how much the radiation value of the watch is.