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How Men Should Select A Table

First is the basic color. From the perspective of apparel and jewelry, everyone has a different primary colors, most yellow jewelry colors that work best for clear, high concentrations of refreshing colors, pink, blue, red, and will make the person look radiant and glamorous. Skin than white men most likely to identify their basic colors, the mood of "a white cover the multitude of sins", so many tones can be used as the primary colors;
Darker, most should choose pink and green; if the colour is black or dark brown men, Brown is not as basic color, Mr. Wolf suggested that dark-skinned men should select a bright color as the base color. In this way, determine its basic color, you can consider in the purchase table to watch and if it matches the color.
Followed by the body. Size tends to determine a person's temperament, so consider the size that is the temperament. Larger tall strong men should choose Dial Watch, in the shape and style will be slightly rough style.
Body more thin men should select the watch dials are thinner and smaller. General body men would be more likely, occasional large tables, can also increase a man capable of imposing, small table would feel modest inside.

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