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Four Trends In Kid Smartwatch
Jul 10, 2017

Four trends in Kid Smartwatch

Children smart watch blowout after a brutal development period, as the big power companies to join, speeding up the children's intelligence watch industry reshuffle and evolution process of children's intelligence watches instead of like watch adult intelligence failed to draw became the stunt, but development power, surging sales year after year, is expected to shipments will reach 30 million units in 2016. So what are the trends for child smartwatches this year?

I. chip upgrade, more intelligent

MTK is currently the mainstream chip in the market for Kid Smartwatch, accounting for more than 90% of the market share. Qualcomm is expected to be about 8%, and jun is 1% - 2%. The 2016 MTK watch programme will continue to be upgraded. MT2503 and 2601 will continue to evolve, and the 6572 and 6592 chips for smartphones will also be more available on Kid Smartwatch. The market for Kid Smartwatch is shifting from functional watches to smart watches.

Second, the function machine turns intelligent machine to transform, builds more complete ecosystem

As intelligent child watches master platform upgrade, the android system will appear in the smart watches for children, so children will make smart watches ecology has a bigger leap, more innovative services and application scenarios. For example, with other children's education training institutions, children's physical examination/hospital institutions, all help Kid Smartwatch to build a more complete ecosystem.

Besides the Andriod system, there are also android Wear, ali YunOS, Tencent's Tencent OS, baidu cloud OS, etc.

Third, the function is more pluralistic, truly becomes the child's intelligent housekeeper

Although at present only basis functions such as positioning, conversation, listening watch children's intelligence has very hot, that's because children smart watches as new things with the user is still in the honeymoon stage, with the popularity of children's intelligence watches, users to watch there will be more imaginary space. And intelligent children watch user groups across 3 to 12 years old this age range, kindergarten and primary school students watch for children's intelligence function is actually quite different, which is a function of refining the sublimation. Therefore, the smart watch manufacturers of children should dig deeper into the intelligent direction while the basic functions are being improved. As the operating system becomes more intelligent, the child smartwatch will include features such as maps, location, qr code, and payment. In addition, there are additional functions such as speech recognition, human-computer interaction, education application and game control. Some of the domestic Kid Smartwatch have already started experimenting with personalized features, such as candy cat's storytelling features. An electronic mosquito repellent in the amba town; The voice interaction of the flying watch of science and technology.

The screen will be bigger

As smart watches become smarter and more versatile, the watch's screen is getting bigger and bigger. From the mainstream brands on market watch iteration can be seen, after generally in 0.66 0.98 inch screen, resolution in 48 x64, 94 x64, recently introduced as well as the mainstream of the next year the upcoming product 1 ~ 1.3 inch screen size, resolution around 128 x64, 128 x128.