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Elderly Smart Wristband To Be Card?
Sep 22, 2017

Elderly Smart Wristband to be card?
Old Smart Wristband need to card This is certain, as to why, but also listen to Xiaobian slowly Road to.
Said the simple point, the elderly smart wrist with two core functions, positioning and call function, and in the two core functions based on the extension of such as electronic fence, historical trajectory and other auxiliary functions.
Let's talk about positioning. In the watch with GPS, LBS, WiFi and other positioning module to ensure that in all cases can be accurately positioned. Such as outdoors, is generally provided by the GPS positioning information. In the room, the GPS signal will be relatively weak, so this time by LBS or WiFi to provide location information. Of course, the elderly Smart Wristband far more than these three positioning modes, respectively, GPS positioning, LBS positioning, AGPS positioning, inertial positioning, gyroscope positioning, Beidou positioning, gyroscope positioning, cloud computing positioning and other eight re-positioning mode, Complement each other, with each other, both to achieve a more accurate positioning, but also to ensure that any case can provide the current location.
Then talk about the call function. Call the word also means that the need for SIM card, so this can explain why the elderly Smart Wristband need a card. But this is only one of the uses of the SIM card, there is a use is the need to send location function. As already understood, the elderly Smart Wristband will have GPS, LBS, WiFi and other positioning module, but they are only responsible for accepting the location information, but can not send the location information and the phone bound to the watch. At this time, you need the SIM card flow function, SIM card through the flow of information sent to the phone, so that the family will know the location of the elderly.
Life is easy to take away the elderly, are generally senile dementia patients. Whenever you go to the family will often cause a lot of inconvenience, so to the elderly with a portable locator, you can solve the problem often lost the elderly.
With the rapid development of these two years of positioning technology, the market also appeared for many elderly people to serve the electronic products, can be divided into two categories: the elderly Smart Wristband and personal positioner.
That the elderly positioning with the elderly Smart Wristband or good old positioner? This depends on the individual needs, and some people say that with the elderly Smart Wristband is good, some people say that with the old locator is good, this is a matter of opinion, to suit their own is the best, we first look at both The difference, and then according to their own requirements to choose is suitable for you.
We first look at the commonality of the two, Smart Wristband both in function or there are many common points. For example, can achieve independent dial-up, two-way calls and high-precision multi-positioning. In addition, there are powerful additional features, such as electronic fence, SOS a key help, historical trajectory and other functions. Which electronic fence function can be very good to prevent dementia patients lost. Relatives can be pre-set on the map to the elderly to set a safe area, but the elderly left the area, Smart Wristband the elderly watch or locator will issue an alarm to the relatives of mobile phones, the timely detection, to avoid the elderly lost.
But the two also have some differences, from the appearance of the elderly smart wristet more than a personal positioner screen, the volume will be larger, is hand-wear. At the same time with heart rate monitoring, to remind medicine, traditional opera and other functions. If the elderly will not resist the watch, casually discard the performance of the watch, then the elderly Smart Wristband is a good choice.
Compared to the elderly smart wristbands, personal locator function will be less, but the function of the volume is small. Personal locator volume is very small, generally only one dollar larger than a coin, with easy to carry, easy to hide the characteristics. If the elderly are very resistant to his family to wear items, then the personal positioner is a good choice, you can hide in the old shirt pants pocket, the same can always grasp the dynamics of the elderly.