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Daily Love Table How To Wipe
Oct 26, 2016

1, watch encountered, because the table using gold-plated easy, color, beautiful copper gold-plating, gold-plating treatment it can cause oxidation of the watch. Watch gold plated stainless steel plating technique is widely used now, so have rarely found such a situation.
2, therefore, recommends the best watches buy stainless steel or gold material. Dai Biao, black wrist problem is with poor air quality, dusty card table has a direct relationship for a long time. In such cases best left to professional watch shop cleaning, weekday wear also on watch clean.
3, buy table is like buying a car, in addition to the emphasis on quality performance, but also about maintenance of common sense in order to ensure that the love life of the table. Watch summer maintenance tips, is industrious and wipe clean. Method is very simple, wet cloth to rub it again, dry cloth then wipe it again then.
4, when the leather strap when the odor, coat with a little SOAP and water with the toothbrush and scrub the stain quickly, then wipe with a slightly damp cloth. Also available 99% medicinal alcohol concentration, spray on a leather strap, and then wipe again with beeswax, the smell of leather strap can be immediately removed and permanently eliminated by three times, and disinfection, preventing moisture and mildew to mold an exceptionally strong effect, but not harm leather strap.