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Circular Smartwatch In The End Is Used To Doing
Aug 01, 2017

Circular Smartwatch in the end is used to doing
Circular Smartwatch natural small size, making the physical shortcuts together, in the operation is even more unique and convenient. Traditional watch a variety of operating forms of physical keys, but also the natural control of the Circular Smartwatch experience to distinguish.
And some people will mention too much, complex physical keys, will increase the difficulty of Circular Smartwatch operation. For this problem, the Circular Smartwatch small screen compared to the smart phone was originally a difficult operation, there are Circular Smartwatch the demand for such a few key learning should not be a problem. And in the Circular Smartwatch the real first generation of users have not yet appeared to talk about a few physical shortcuts difficult to operate the problem, it is superfluous.
Functional experience, the price of a foregone conclusion
Circular Smartwatch in the end is used to do? Push the message? Call? Health management?
This can be there. So, a lot of Circular Smartwatches will be directly to the smart phone to narrow, the function completely copied over, but also play a gimmick: how we complete the configuration! But obviously these are cumbersome, will only increase the power consumption. And a lot of hardware features can be obtained from the smart phone data.
Circular Smartwatch natural small screen features, doomed the smart phone on the many features are outdated. And now based on the smart phone system, Circular Smartwatches, the most important thing is for small screen on the system plus and minus. The practical function of a good fit, the useless things to clear. To intimate, convenient small features to stick to the user.
But the use of Circular Smartwatch how to use the practical function, from all the smart phone to grab the teeth of the robbed just need to form their own user habits?
In the Hun Yun network just evaluation of the Circular Smartwatch, found a Circular Smartwatch application operation experience of several bright spots:
Message reminder function. As the Circular Smartwatch worn on the wrist, the new message reminder is very sensitive, easy to be the first time perception. For business people who are extremely sensitive to news alerts, this is a big sticky market.
Music function. The music function of the Circular Smartwatch may not be as smart as the smart phone control so fancy and comfortable. But with a Circular Smartwatch music experience but do not have a flavor, the specific can be read hunting cloud network "[hunting cloud evaluation] experience Circular Smartwatch avant-garde technology sense" in the detailed evaluation of the music function.
Thus, hunting network summary of the current Circular Smartwatches from the following aspects of the expansion of user habits, access to users of all ages.
First, copy smart phone backyard
The weak features of the smart phone to move to more advantages on the Circular Smartwatch. For example: information reading function. Smart phone because the screen is too large, in the information reading experience, not only power consumption too fast, and take very inconvenient. And this function will be transferred to the Circular Smartwatch, the advantage is very obvious. Circular Smartwatch the function and application, there will be a lot of aspects of the smart phone is a weak function to enhance and improve.
Second, provide a differentiated experience
For example: music function. Smart phone music function has been very good, but when listening to music mobile phone carrying problems, a headache. While the Circular Smartwatch will not appear such a problem, but also in the listening experience when listening to music and smart phones completely different. In a large number of people for smart phone power problems, while the other with the case of MP3, Circular Smartwatches in this area of the market potential is not small.