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Children Watch The Specific Benefits And Features
Oct 26, 2016

Children watch can now achieve more timely communication, not only make parents find their kids, kids can always find parents, bi-directional communication. Supported mobile GSM SIM cards, two way calling clear without delay. We sometimes receive strange telephone calls disturb, while children watch with automatic block random phone call and information features, children's world is more pure.
Settings have also been taken into account, because children need class, you can set mute, so I don't have to be afraid of class time Bell bother, no longer have to worry about the class by ring tones interrupt.
The screen design, using a brilliant color screen, believe that in this age of color, children will be more like, and like a Smartphone is, slide touch operation, easy to use. Address book can present the true picture of MOM and dad, lively and interesting.
There is an interesting feature, was worn by two partners at the same time when children watch, shake it to mutually add friend, friends can call rates more happy at the same time, parents can use APP to manage friends, children grow up alone, with my friends have grown up together.
Positioning system more ready to secure, binary signals, five relocations, receives United States GPS and the Chinese Beidou satellite signal, position quickly and accurately. And track system, where did baby go, destination any landscape, are available through the map to show clearly in mind baby's movements. Creation of a security fence, baby in the sexual activity and parents can rest assured.