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Children's Smart Watch Is Equivalent To Put A Locating Bug At Home
Jun 01, 2017

Kid Smartwatch Children's smart watch is equivalent to put a place in the home to find a bug? With the arrival of the school season, you can call, to keep abreast of the location of children's children's smart watches began to be sought after by the majority of parents. February 23, on the children's smart watch possession of security risks of news reports, so that some have purchased children's smart watches parents worried.

  Children's smart watch is equivalent to put a positioning at home?

  In the column, the network security feedback of the technical staff through the operation of the computer, the child watch itself can monitor the function of the crack, to simulate their own parents, to the watch issued a monitor request, the watch will take the initiative to call the phone on.

  "As long as the watch is in normal use, hackers can be in the parents and children without any knowledge of the case of eavesdropping and monitoring, it is equivalent to put a positioning in the home bug." Technicians said that the use of loopholes, hackers can not only Accurately grasp the location of the watch, steal the watch data privacy, you can also complete the daily walking route for children, and can modify the parent phone client login password, to cut off the parent phone and children's smart watch between the association.

  Kid Smartwatch In addition, in the domestic security platform "cloud" platform, there are users exposed the children's safety watch related loopholes, said the attacker can use the vulnerability to query the smart watch connected to the server, view customer information, and according to the corresponding ID directly to see the child's geographical location , Real-time monitoring of the child's geographical coordinates, daily activities and environmental recording and other privacy content.

  What caused the quality of children's smart watches uneven?

  Program that the watch to increase networking features, through the vendor background server and parent phone for transit communications, and manufacturers of the server itself is not enough security attention, not to the visitors to conduct a rigorous review is to lead hackers to use this vulnerability for unauthorized operation The key factor.

  "Many children's smart watch manufacturers in order to compress costs, rapid production and sales to earn profits, usually using public version of the public model, and is a third-party company's server rental, ignoring the user's information security, data acquisition is extremely simple, vulnerable to hacking, Illegal elements to use. "Industry sources told reporters.

  In addition, with the field of children's smart watches hot, some companies do not have the technical capacity of hasty market, the production of products without technical content, coupled with the current state for children's smart watches and other smart wear equipment has no uniform norms, The quality of the product in terms of information security is uneven.

  Parents worry: children's smart watches can buy it?

  Over the past two years, the increase in trafficking and related themes of the film, so that parents pay more attention to the safety of children, children's smart watch is by virtue of