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Adult Smartwatch Prospects Are Still Broad Key Is To Find The Right Direction
Oct 23, 2017

Adult Smartwatch prospects are still broad key is to find the right direction
Although Adult Smartwatch has been the object of chasing companies since 2012, Adult Smartwatch has unexpectedly entered the "dead end", especially in the second half of last year, the bad news of the endless stream, can not help but challenge the adult Smartwatch market Is there tomorrow?
From the original outlet, to the present tasteless, but also a few years time, is the adult Smartwatch really dead end it? Although many people are singing bad adult Smartwatch equipment, but the major data research and analysis company that: they still have more room for development. Market research firm IDC reports that health and fitness seem to be the most popular application area for Adult Smartwatch. If the company can gain insight from the growing amount of data, it is likely to be a real business.
Tell you really, early adults Smartwatch equipment, many companies want to do big and all, what you want, the result is nothing particularly good. Feedback to the consumer, the original fresh feeling, leaving only a nose gray, which also reflects the side of the adult Smartwatch market pain points, or else there will not be so many manufacturers out of the fire pit. In fact, Adult Smartwatch now in sports, medical and many other vertical areas have a lot of room for development, but the current is still in a groping stage, failed to set off a large spray. Apple's smart watch Apple Watch, for example, is exploring how to help users reduce the burden of chronic diseases, and this move may lead to insurance companies and Apple companies such as the possibility of cooperation.
Wear the equipment should focus on the needs of people with special needs, which also contains a huge opportunity. This will also help to bring the Adult Smartwatch from "having a good product" to "must have a product". Coincidentally, also saw this opportunity. The company is not only tracking health data, but also the development of sleep disorders can monitor the sleep disorder. Perhaps from this point of view, Adult Smartwatch market is still broad prospects, but the crux of the problem is, can find the direction to detonate the next ignition!
Adult Smartwatch will become the next huge technology consumer market. However, before 2017, several leading adult Smartwatch companies began layoffs, and many technology companies do not avoid the trend of giants, is out of the market. So does this mean that Adult Smartwatch has been over-propagated, or is it poor in the technology consumer market?
So the Adult Smartwatch market is not meaningless, but it is clear that this did not reach the original expectations of the reviewers and experimenter. The Adult Smartwatch market is certainly not able to fill the revenue gap caused by other equipment (such as tablet PCs and smartphones) due to the decline in sales. Believe that Adult Smartwatch can have more opportunities in the market to reach the number and value of the rise. Further development of Adult Smartwatch market needs: Health and fitness testing has gradually become a trend.
Research shows that consumers are very interested in self-health testing, whether it is exercise, or sleep and calorie consumption. Those who use fitness trackers, more than half (55%) said they used one of the reasons for using fitness trackers is "to maintain or enhance self-physical fitness and size", and this is the most popular reason for the survey. However, people who use fitness trackers are not limited to fitness madness. Studies have confirmed that adult Smartwatch enthusiasts exist in all ages, not limited to a certain age. Therefore, there is reason to believe that there is a chance to bring more users (including new users or lost users) into the fitness monitoring market. Because it has been brought into the relevant equipment, the market should be easier to expand.