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Adult Smartwatch Metal Strap Buckle Prone To Problems
Aug 10, 2017

Adult Smartwatch metal strap buckle prone to problems
Adult Smartwatch metal strap buckle in the frequent opening and closing, is relatively easy to go wrong. There are many types of metal buckle buckle, such as: double open and single open, with a lock, butterfly buckle and so on. Closed form of the majority of elastic friction, the most common is a single open the shape of the discount, open the clasp with the thumb nails to buckle, forced to close when the clasp closed.
       Adult Smartwatch in daily use, the strap buckle open, should be smooth and comfortable, buckle closure force and opening force should be moderate size. On this often the problem is: the strap buckle closure force is relatively loose, easy to leave; then there is no closure
The reasons for the occurrence of these problems
       (1) strap buckle material is not good, the thickness of the material thin, poor strength, prone to deformation.
       (2) the use of the closure and open the way is not good, pull hard pull, resulting in buckle deformation.
       (3) incorrect repair and correction of the strap buckle.
       Metal Adult Smartwatch strap buckle components, mainly by the bending plate and the outer bending plate and buckle composition, but all the strap buckle closure force is relatively loose, easy to disengage, analysis of the reasons are due to the strap buckle Of the zigzag component deformation. The deformation is mainly the two parts of the discounted metal sheet is not the same as the curvature of the metal, so they can not be formed together when the same arc, there are uplift or support part.
       Many people mistakenly think that the problem of elastic friction, Adult Smartwatch often to break the discount on the "little tongue", in fact, with the depth of elastic friction and the shape of the shape of the metal sheet of the curvature of the relationship between the curvature of the change, Force and tightness also changes.
       As far as possible not to break the discount on which "little tongue", Adult Smartwatch it is easy to be snapped. But was broken off, the strap is basically on the waste.
       The main reason for the deformation of the strap buckle is the incorrect use of the way, I often see many people in the buckle when the band, with the palm of your hand, with the thumb to pressure, this is not correct. So that long-term will lead to discount the deformation of the arc, so I suggest that everyone in the buckle when the strap, with the thumb and index finger to pinch the buckle, and in the open time, use the thumb straight to the table Buckle the direction to exert strength to open it.
       Closed loose strap buckle easily lead to self-disengagement of the strap, which will affect the Adult Smartwatch wearing safety, so be sure to check regularly, too loose strap buckle must be corrected, if there is no professional maintenance experience, do not own Tamper with, or sent to the table shop as well.
       Metal strap with solid core and hollow core of the points, compared with high-end Adult Smartwatch straps are solid core, hollow core strap is more prone to deformation. But the solid band of the strap between the knuckle and the connection between the piercing nails or screws, more easily sprang or buckle, this is also required to wear Adult Smartwatches to check regularly.