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Adult Smartwatch Development History
Jun 23, 2017

Adult Smartwatch development history
Adult Smartwatches suddenly fire up in recent months, this year Google (582.61, 0.27, 0.05%) Developer Conference show Samsung, LG and Motorola's three Adult Smartwatches, can wear health testing equipment manufacturer Withings Also introduced the Adult Smartwatch product Activité, the industry more rumors that Apple (93.31, -0.17, -0.18%) company will launch its own Adult Smartwatch iWatch in October.
The birth of Adult Smartwatches
The so-called Adult Smartwatch, is built-in intelligent operating system, through the connection network to achieve a variety of features of the watch products, Adult Smartwatches can generally synchronize the phone phone, SMS, mail, photos, music and so on.
In fact, as early as 1982, the Japanese Seiko through its acquisition of the company launched a programmable watch product pulsar (Pulsar) NL C01, it can store 24 numbers, perhaps that product can be called Adult Smartwatches Of the origin.
Unfortunately, at that time, NL C01 is not a product of the times and needs, so the lack of interest is also a matter of course.
The real outbreak of Adult Smartwatches is in 2012, until this time, with the Internet, software, hardware have developed to a certain stage, and contributed to the technology outbreak of intelligence. The watch really has a strong soil and enough to be accepted by consumers reasons, really into the ordinary people's lives. This year can be called the Adult Smartwatch the real first year.
This year, the start-up company Pebble in the public platform Kickstarter above to become the first financing amount of 10 million US dollars of the product, and really enter the public's consumption perspective, the major domestic and foreign mainstream media, the show began to wantonly reported that ordinary consumers Then start from completely ignorant what is the Adult Smartwatch, to the beginning to buy and use the stage.
Mobile phone accessories and independent terminal dispute
Adult Smartwatch was born with a large number of controversy, to today or not everyone agree with the results, perhaps within a few years will not have a complete conclusion. ,
Adult Smartwatches from the beginning to differentiate into mobile phone accessories watch and independent terminal watch two categories, in my opinion, accessories products in the case of Adult Smartwatches just emerging early, with the software on the imperfect and hardware components Manufacturing difficulty has a very direct relationship.
In the early days, if you want to do a non-accessories products is very difficult, all the components on the motherboard are not the right choice, many to use the phone components to replace, and mobile components on the performance, power consumption, The volume can not meet the requirements of small equipment, not to mention the sensor has not miniaturized, small screen display and touch technology compared with the phone completely out of line and other issues.
This time want to do a completely independent terminal smart watch costs R & D costs and time costs are many companies can not afford, affordable companies are not necessarily willing to take this risk to do a step on the thunder of the pioneer, Plus large parts of the company's products is more in order to cooperate with their own mobile phone products as accessories and accounted for pit, so the end of the product very little.
I think the end product is the inevitable trend of future Adult Smartwatches. Because a smart device, if you have to rely on other equipment, then it will always be an accessory, can not form a complete chain of their own needs and use the scene.
And the end of the product has a separate operation, independent computing, independent link network capacity, can imagine the increase in space several times, such a hardware foundation can support a complete set of wearing the ecosystem and the use of the scene, on top of it Better tap demand and more convenient to meet existing needs.