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What smart bracelet features
Oct 26, 2016

Smart bracelet also has social networking share feature, such as a user you can sleep, diet and exercise as well as records by binding, such as Facebook or Twitter to share. For older people, it is also a patron. With the built-in GPS connector, it can make the body condition and location at any time informing the relevant hospital or family members.
Smart bracelet is a wearable smart devices. Loop through this hand, users can log in daily life, such as exercise, sleep and diet data, and synchronize the data with the iOS or Android device, play the role of guide healthy living through the data. Attention smart bracelet Nike+ main Fuelband, Fitbit Flex, Jawbone Up 2 as well as several follow up of its own branded products.
"Google Glass" have not sold, "smart bracelets". When conventional electrical contractor for a home appliance price is higher or lower "seriously", the alternative trade quicker Inc Monrovia network owned by Tencent's business, will focus on joint development and the introduction of high-tech products. Yesterday at the exclusive sale smart bracelets "Jawbone up" became the first official foray into the Internet "wearable smart device" market of commercial enterprises.