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Smart wear watches the purchase and use of mobile experience
Oct 26, 2016

Classification of the smart watch phone
1, according to brands: Apple, Samsung, smart core fruit, big telecommunications companies now have Smart Watches products.
2, according to the operating system: it includes Android Android, Apple's IOS into two camps.
3, functionality, navigation, water resistant feature, voice calls, in short, very feature-rich and powerful. Afraid can't do that, not surprisingly.
Smart Watch phone features
When it comes to features, functionality on a smart phone, smart watches can have. Photo call, listen to music and text can achieve. There are heart rate monitor designed specifically for users, secure GPS positioning, features such as SOS-SOS, ideal for children, the elderly.
Watch mobile phone prices
Current prices range between 200 to 5000 Yuan, materials, branding, function, style and price differences. You can choose according to their needs, the right is good. Core fruit smart watch phone quality, affordable and worth it.